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Many years ago Emperor Claudius II decided to prohibit marriages among young people because he considered that singles were better soldiers. A priest named Valentin refused and began to celebrate marriages among young lovers. The emperor discovered him and condemned him to death on February 14, 270. That is why Valentin is the patron saint of lovers.

Many people think that this Valentine’s Day is a commercial invention and does not know the true origin of this tradition that wants to be a sign of esteem and love towards those people that we appreciate and that are special for us.

And one way to show these feelings is by giving away a jewel of My Shira. Because with a detail like this you will get great satisfaction both for the person who gives it and for the person who receives it. A jewel that will surely make your partner happy.

Are you looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift? Do you want to succeed with the person you love? My Shira gives you some ideas so that the day of the lovers is exceptional. So you can enjoy the satisfaction you get when you give a jewel. A jewel that reminds you of the feeling you have towards the person you love and that fills you with happiness and hope.

Let yourself be carried away by My Shira and give happiness.

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