Give a gift to your mother: a jewel

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Sunday 7 May is Mother’s Day. A millenary tradition of dedicating a day to all mothers; In fact it is made from ancient Greece where they paid honor to Rea, the mother of Zeus, Poseidón and Hades.

And as the celebration deserved it has reached to our days, although first it was celebrated the 8 of December, by catholic motives and coinciding with the celebration of the Immaculate Conception. But in 1965 it was decided to separate the date and proclaimed the first Sunday of May as the day dedicated to the Mother.

We must consider it a very emotional day. To dedicate it to that person who took care of us and helped in many moments and who surely suffered in others. Because in fact, a mother is like a jewel.

It has a high emotional value, next to it everything seems better, you like to take it because you care and appreciate it. The lights with pride, like the one a mother always has for her children. It is part of you and you are part of it.

And what better than just take the opportunity to give him a jewel. My Shira has that unique and special piece, singular and original, exclusive and artisan, so you can surprise your mother with an incredible gift.

Visit our catalog and choose the jewel that best fits with another jewel, your mother.

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