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In the center of Sabadell, in an old house with a lot of charm, high ceilings and ceramic floor, we find a space where you combine creation, art, talent and precision.

It’s My Shira‘s workshop.

It’s her workplace. It’s a source of inspiration and creativity.

There she spends hours, valuing and enjoying the tranquility that is breathed in the environment, with melodic and soft music that sounds in the background, and where she lets herself be carried away by his ideas and ends up becoming reality.

Where art is born directly from her emotions.

In the place where she creates the pieces, originals, differents, uniques. She experiments, designs, produces, elaborates.

Pieces mades manually in every corner of the studio. The space to melt, to polish, to draw, to work the metal. Everything in its place and a place for everything.

The origin of the art of My Shira. Made in the workshop directly for you.

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