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Give me your hand we will go by the shore
Very close to the sea
We will have the measure of all things
Just to tell us that we still love.


Joan Salvat-Papasseit wrote these verses that show the intense relationship between the sea and love. Because the sea transmits tranquility and freedom but at the same time a passion and an incredible strength through its waves and the noise that they give off.

My Shira has this esteem for the sea and has spent hours sitting, watching, relaxed. Walking on the sand, noticing how the water caresses the feet. Staying with the color palette that the landscape shows you. Feeling the breeze at sunset while the last rays of sun reflected off the sea water.

Enjoying the details. Like the foam that originates on the shore when water bursts against the rocks. And dare to jump into the sea and swim. Feeling like another fish. In freedom and savoring each and every one of the sensations that emerge from the moment. Watching a small bank of fish that move happily underwater.

My Shira returns home and conveys all these emotions in her pieces of the new Sea collection. Filled with life as brass, and through patinas, turning them into these fish or elegant thin and pointed scrapes that keeps in the memory. Patinas that simulate the colors of the sea. Pieces that end with a bath of old gold or old silver that reflect the sand that so many times we have stepped.

The new My Shira Sea collection is full of feeling and delicacy. Jewels that were born in the sea and have a unique and original design so you can wear them inside of you a part of those moments that we have all enjoyed one day.

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6_my shira_sea collection_model 2

7_my shira_sea collection_model 3

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